Jennifer Yacoub | CAI to EWR: Senior Capstone
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CAI to EWR: Senior Capstone

CAI to EWR is a project about a journey that starts from Cairo International Airport to Newark Liberty International Airport with a connection through Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport within the span of twenty-four hours. During this journey, I interviewed different people I met on my trip and recorded abstract sounds that represented the environment at a specific place and point in time. Each Medium is reflecting the journey in a different way. The interactive book, focuses on telling the story through the voices of people I met and it visualizes certain moments. It is made in a form of a timeline and depending on where the interview took place, the elevation of the map and the page itself changes throughout the book. The poster series which emphasizes quotes of the people and some of the announcements you hear while traveling through airports. Their placement depends on when and where the interview or the announcement took place on the map. The motion piece utilizes the soundscape of the journey to underscore the constant activity going on around you when you are traveling.


Environmental Graphics, Motion, Print