Jennifer Yacoub | Express Newark
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Express Newark

The Design Consortium (DC) is a student/faculty collaborative. Conducted as an advanced competitive elective, core Graphic Design faculty and students’ work together as a quasi design studio to understand real client needs, develop appropriate strategies, and to deliver and implement real design solutions.

Express Newark Brand Identity project was presented to The Design Consortium, which is a student and teacher collaborative design studio that I am a member of. Rutgers-Newark University, the university in which we are located, presented this design project to The Design Consortium during the spring of 2015. The project is to create the brand identity system for an entity called “Express Newark” that combines together the university and outside community in a third space, collaborative, and learning environment. Since 2015, The Design Consortium has been diligently creating real world design solutions for this “Express Newark” entity that will be implemented to establish a cohesive, suitable identity system. This entity will exist in a physical space that is currently being built and predicted to open and launch in January of 2017.


The Design Consortium prides itself on being a true collaborative between design students and teachers in that we all share ownership in all that is produced as a true design studio unit. As a unified design team, during the fall semester of 2015, we established the logomark identity for the brand that was approved by our clients. Later, in the spring semester of 2016, we refined and perfected that approved logomark to then apply it to various brand extensions and applications. Also during this semester, we progressively explored on creating the brand’s style guide as well as the signage and way finding for the actual physical space that “Express Newark” will live in when it officially opens in 2017. The brand’s logomark is completely defined, but applications such as signage, way finding, style guide, stationary, and web components are currently in progress.


Being a part of this design team has been an enriching and rewarding experience. We professionally produce real world design solutions for clients as a true design studio. In this process, our teamwork and communication is essential to effectively generate designs that surpass our client’s expectations. This studio goes far beyond the barriers of a classroom in that the professors and students work together as one and learn from each other equally. As we continuously strive to create the brand identity for “Express Newark”, we make sure we put our hearts and souls into all of our designs to ensure every member of the team is proud to put their name on anything we produce.


Branding, Environmental Graphics, Information Graphics, Print, Typography